Consulo IDE with Unity5 in 5 Minutes – Update

After releasing my latest app title I think its time again for some Unity3D development as I have the most fun of game development in my rare spare time. I am on Mac OSX and as mentioned before – i am really not a friend on... View Article

Giving up the farm…

yes you’ve read right, if anyone reads this and cares. I give up my farm simulation project and will try to focus on smaller projects that can be done quicker. The reasons are simple: the whole project depended on other ppl that were working for... View Article


Yes – I’m still alive as you might have noticed! 🙂 I rewrote the website to be WordPress powered and it will be easier for me in the future to maintain this website and write stuff. It took me 3 days to convert the previous... View Article

Bloom Valley: Farm Simulation

Yes I jump onto the running Farm Games Hype train and also do a farm simulation. One of the special kind. I guess this is the project that made you visit my website but I am sorry – you have to wait for further information.... View Article

Draw Me A Star

IT’S EASY TO LEARN AND FUN TO PLAY! Listen to the magic sound and let your kids draw their dreams on the screen. It’s so simple to create beautiful drawings just by using your fingertips. Take screenshots of your pictures and show them to your... View Article

Dr. Wanboshi

Do you have what it takes to become a doctor? Dr. Wanboshi is a classic Dr. Mario / Tetris clone of the crazy kind! Clear the evil viruses instead of blocks! Place pills on the game field to clear the evil viruses and succeed as... View Article