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We make games and apps from our headquarter/appartement in Würzburg / Germany with focus on mobile platforms. Our studio was founded in summer 2010 and since then we have released several apps for Windows Phone and iOS (iPhone and iPad).
Our tools are Cocos2d and the latest projects that are still work in progress have been realized with Unity3D. All graphics have been created using open source software like Blender and Inkscape. We are registered Apple and Windows developers hoping to make a living from what we produce in our sparetime.



Currently working on…



INFERNAL KITCHEN: The true hell of our kitchens.

More to be announced soon. Check back later.

Last released title



My latest released title. A Star Drawing game for kids.



  • Dez


    I modeled a 3D cat

    I modelled a 3D cat as cats are my favorite animals. Of course I have plan...

  • Apr


    Zombies ate my cat!

    The last two weeks I've been actively been developing again. Currently I '...

  • Feb


    Reboot is good

    Hello and happy new year... or somehow.. yes.. its been a long time since I...

  • Sep


    Website up and running again

    As some of you might have noticed my website is online again. It was offlin...

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They want your blood #indiedev #gamedev #Blender3d #lowpoly

There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

It is #ScreenshotSaturday again 😁✌🏻 Made some progress with the fishing simulation :) #indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity

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