We are a small indie game studio operating from southern Germany (Würzburg). To be honest there is only one single developer. Me. Chris. I try to manage all tasks that come with an indie studio by myself. I started developing games when I was 15 years old (Thats at this moment exactly 15 years ago – insane). When Indie was not a known term and in best case it was the nickname for Indiana Jones.
To be honest indie studio is extraregated – I try to write some stuff besides my main job as software developer and its often very hard to find time for other hobbies besides programming. I would call myself a very creative brain and have an endless amount of ideas for games and apps.
As you can see on the results of my games I am not a very good graphics artist. My focus is clearly on programming and so I often try to find help at outsourcing graphics stuff to professional graphics artists. Unfortunately graphics artist are often very lazy and greedy. 😀
So if you are a graphics artist and would like to join my team just write me.



Founder – Programmer – Designer