I modeled a 3D cat

I modelled a 3D cat as cats are my favorite animals. Of course I have plans for a game with it 😉

Zombies ate my cat!

Zombies Game

The last two weeks I’ve been actively been developing again. Currently I ‚refurbished‘ an old project. Its a third person zombie shooter game with awesome retro graphics. It is inspired by ZOMBIE ESTATE as you can clearly see. Unfortunately there was never a second Zombie... Artikel ansehen

Reboot is good

mac keyboard

Hello and happy new year… or somehow.. yes.. its been a long time since I’ve written anything on this site. I’ve been very busy lately since Fall 2015. At lot of stuff happened in my life and I did not find any time to write... Artikel ansehen

Website up and running again

As some of you might have noticed my website is online again. It was offline since May 2015. Yes you read right.. The reason was that a WordPress plugin destroyed my user privileges on the server and my webhost was not able to help for... Artikel ansehen

Code Snippet – Draw Debug Rectangle in Unity3D

Not too many words to this. I was searching for quick solution to draw a debug rectangle (ok many rectangles for pathfinding debugging) in Unity3D and found nothing on the internet. Its as easy as follows: void DebugDrawColoredRectangle(Vector3 position, float size, Color color) { Debug.DrawLine(position,... Artikel ansehen

Giving up the farm…

yes you’ve read right, if anyone reads this and cares. I give up my farm simulation project and will try to focus on smaller projects that can be done quicker. The reasons are simple: the whole project depended on other ppl that were working for... Artikel ansehen


Yes – I’m still alive as you might have noticed! 🙂 I rewrote the website to be WordPress powered and it will be easier for me in the future to maintain this website and write stuff. It took me 3 days to convert the previous... Artikel ansehen


Yes I bought that shiny little box from Amazon, called FIRE TV and I already love that device. Why? Because you can easily run your Unity3d games on it. Running the FarmGame (Bloom Valley) on my TV in my living room. My first impression you... Artikel ansehen

Android Consoles – HERE I COME

I decided some days ago that this game will better not be available for mobile platforms and I should focus on android consoles. Yes I know – Android consoles are (so far) a pretty small market compared to the Apple AppStore or Google Play. But... Artikel ansehen