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October 11, 2014 4:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I decided some days ago that this game will better not be available for mobile platforms and I should focus on android consoles. Yes I know – Android consoles are (so far) a pretty small market compared to the Apple AppStore or Google Play. But there are several reasons why I made this decision:

1 – “I hate to play 3D games on touch screens”
The first and most important reason to me. I really don’t like those virtual thumbsticks on my iPhone and virtual buttons and the other side. No – I want to enjoy my game, Bloom Valley, with a real gamepad or in worst case with mouse and keyboard. For me its still a pain in the a#? to play games on smartphones with complex games mechanics and therefore many controls.

2 – Exciting new Android console markets
Thats also a reason – I would really like to see if a game like this, once its finished and super shiny polished – can have success on a market like e.g. Ouya marketplace. I know – the big money is done elsewhere but its not the case that I’m unemployed ^^

3 -The wonderful 50″ TV
Yep – I love to play games on my TV with a controller (as mentioned above) in the hand and really love the 50″ BIG PICTURES. —– So no Bloom Valley for Apple users you may ask? – Well once the Apple TV is supporting third party apps I would really really love to port the game to this platform as I am still a big fan of Apple products.

4 – Graphics
Its simple – from a closer perspective where you can zoom and rotate the camera freely while moving, its wonderful to enjoy the graphics which wasn’t possible with the top down smartphone view.

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